We believe salvation from Satan, sin, death and the wrath of God is revealed in God’s Word alone. God’s Word—the Bible, Holy Scripture—is the only and sufficient means by which we know God and are made wise unto salvation. We believe salvation is by grace alone. Salvation is a gift that God gives—not according to any foreseen decision of man but only by the sheer grace of God. It is a gift given by God’s own good pleasure, by His predestining, electing, calling, justifying, sanctifying and glorifying work. We believe salvation is through faith alone. Salvation is to be received by faith alone in the finished work of Jesus Christ alone—no one will be saved by any work or works. We believe salvation is in Jesus Christ alone. Jesus Christ, and his finished work, is the only means that any man or woman can be saved. We believe salvation is ultimately to the glory of God alone. God alone is glorified for his saving and reconciling of sinners to himself.