If the local church is likened to a family, Community Group’s are the immediate family in the local church, whereas the Worship Gatherings are like family reunions. You love your entire family, gather to worship Jesus with your entire family, and are committed to your entire family’s good, but you live and are more specifically in your everyday life with your immediate family.

Community Groups exist to be smaller gatherings of Ekklesia that are living on mission together to see Jesus known, praised, and exalted. This is sought after by loving each other like Jesus loves us, loving our cities like Jesus loves us, reaching the lost with the gospel, and discipling the saved in the gospel, all for the glory of God and the joy of all people in Him. Community Groups feed off of the pervious Sunday’s sermon that was preached as Ekklesia gathered for worship. The Scripture will contain the passage that was preached, the Big Idea is a summary of the sermon, and the Discussion Questions are geared toward helping facilitate conversation about the truth that was preached and how we should work to apply these truths to every aspect of our lives. Sunday’s Sermon and the Big Idea is like the planting of seeds and Community Group Discussion is like the watering of those seeds.


The purpose of Community Group’s is fulfilled as the members of each Community Group meet weekly in each other’s homes and various places to:

1) Study the Bible, discuss the Bible, and apply the truth of the Bible in each other’s lives, remembering and clinging to the fact that the entire Bible is about Jesus (John 5:39, 2 Corinthians 1:20, & Luke 24:25-27).

2) Love one another by praying for one another, encouraging one another in the gospel, listening intently to one another, calling each other to repentance when needed, helping each other repent to Jesus, and bearing one another’s burdens with willingness and patience.

3) Physically and Spiritually care for one another especially in times of sickness or poverty or depression.

4) Be honest with one another by being transparent with your struggles, hardships, and doubts. Also, make it a regular practice to confess sin to one another and seek to repent of sin with the support of your group by the grace of God.

5) Live on mission together with Jesus to lead holy lives in response to the gospel of Jesus, reach the lost with the gospel of Jesus, and disciple the saved in the gospel of Jesus.

Community Groups are a great place to bring non-believers so that they can meet other Christians and begin to develop relationships with Jesus’ people and witness how the gospel pertains to all of life.


Community Groups focus on praying for one another and the world, sharing meals with one another, discussing scripture together, sharing doubts and concerns with one another, helping call each other to repentance, encouraging one another in the gospel, and living life together on mission with Jesus.